Where Does Inspiration Come From?

As someone who writes and speaks often, I am always on the look out for inspiration.

Everyone’s different, but for me, here’s where my inspiration comes from.

It comes from:

  • reading great books and blogs
  • sharing ideas and brainstorming with my wife, Karen
  • watching my kids growing up
  • being outside and feeling the sun shining on my face
  • sitting down with a blank piece of paper
  • listening to amazing speakers and preachers
  • watching brilliant athletes do improbable things against the odds, when the game is on the line
  • experiencing the wonder of nature
  • hearing stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds
  • taking notes and revisiting them later
  • listening to brilliant, heartfelt music, especially when it’s combined with insightful lyrics
  • taking action on an idea, not fully knowing what will happen next
  • talking with clients who have a unique problem to solve
  • sitting still before God with an open Bible and an open heart

That’s my list, but I’m always intrigued by how others are inspired.

So, where does inspiration come from for you?

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