The Wise General – A Story About the Value of Self Belief

Long ago, there was a battle about to take place.

One of the generals was talking about tactics with his team of officers.

An officer interrupted him and explained that he thought that the strategy was a waste of time.

“The gods have already decided who will win.” he proclaimed.

“Are you suggesting that fate has decided the result in advance?”  the general asked.

“Yes, I am.” the officer responded.

The general took a coin out of his pocket and said, “So if I toss this coin and it comes up heads, we win, but if it’s tails we lose.  Is that how fate works?”

“Pretty much.” said the officer.

The general tossed the coin and it came up heads.

“See, the gods have decided.  We can’t lose now!”

They went to their troops with the good news and the soldiers marched into battle with renewed enthusiasm.

After a glorious victory, the officers met in the general’s tent to celebrate.

“Do you believe in fate now?” the general was asked.

The leader smiled, reached into his pocket and pulled out the coin to show to the others.

It was heads on both sides.

“No, I don’t believe in fate, just the value of self belief.  When the soldiers thought that we couldn’t lose, I knew that we couldn’t lose.”

Sometimes, we think that the script has been written and that success is for a chosen few.

I share this adapted story with you today to encourage you to believe in yourself, to have confidence in your abilities and to launch yourself into the fray with energy and enthusiasm.

If you do, great victories will be won.

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